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Vinyl Siding

Window World of Central Valley proudly offers high-quality vinyl siding to Charlottesville homeowners. Explore our vinyl siding options below and transform your home’s exterior.

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Our Featured Products

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6000 Series Siding

Our highest performing siding is insulated to provide maximum energy efficiency and give your home a weathertight finish and long-lasting comfort.

4000 Series Siding

Our 4000 Series Vinyl siding from Coventry and Odyssey features double clapboard, triple clapboard and dutch lap profiles. Its built to last with a weather-resistant vinyl exterior and a sturdy nail hem.

2000 Series Siding

Conquest Vinyl Siding is the practical move for your home’s exterior. Requiring little maintenance, this siding series asks very little of the homeowner. It is a durable, beautiful product for an attractive price, giving you the most for your money.


Our RainPro gutter system complements modern homes and drains rainwater faster, protecting your home from water damage.

Benefits Of Siding From Window World

Add curb appeal and increase your home’s overall value
Stand up to the harshest outdoor elements
Lower your energy bills for year-round utility savings
Includes our best-in-class limited lifetime warranty

About Our Vinyl Siding

Whether you value weather protection, energy-efficiency or aesthetic appeal, Window World of Central Valley siding products will meet and exceed your needs. All our vinyl siding is made in the USA and installed quickly and efficiently by our local professionals.

Save with Energy-Efficient Vinyl Siding

Window World’s Vinyl Siding offers many unique benefits, including lowered heating and cooling costs for your home. Choose between our  2000, 4000 and 6000 series to achieve the level of energy efficiency your home needs.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Vinyl Siding FAQs

How to insulate a garage door?

To insulate a garage door, you can spray foam and cellulose onto your garage door or add panels to stop airflow from leaking. At Window World of Central Valley, you can purchase insulated or non-insulated garage doors.

Can you paint a garage door?

Yes, you can paint a garage door. To prepare the garage door for painting, follow all of the usual prep procedures that you would for any other painting project, such as sanding and cleaning the door. Then, you need to disable the garage door so that you can adjust it for paint height.

At Window World of Central Valley, we offer plenty of color options for your garage door so that you don’t have to paint it yourself.

How do you manually close a garage door?

To manually close your garage door, you must separate your garage door from the electronic opener. First, find the release rope connected to your garage door. Then, pull the release rope down to disconnect it from the opener.