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4000 Series Vinyl Siding

The Beauty You Crave And Durability You Need

Coventry Features:screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-2-46-33-pm

  • .042’’ panel thickness
  • Natural cedar grain texture
  • Rolled top nail hem for increased rigidity
  • Double 4” and 5” clapboard and dutch lap profiles
  • Triple 3” clapboard available
  • 20 different colors

Durable Quality

Coventry Vinyl Siding is easy to maintain and built to last. A sturdy rolled top nail hem and a rigid outer shell makes for a reliable wall attachment that can withstand all weather conditions. Couple this with the variety of profiles and natural cedar grain textures, and you get a beautiful exterior for your home for years to come.

ChromaTrue® Color Palette

Our Coventry 4000 Series Siding comes in 20 different colors, including 5 brand new hues. Each color features ChromaTrue’s fade-resistant formula to ensure the beauty and allure of your home’s exterior for years to come.

Odyssey Features:screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-2-52-30-pm

  • .044’’ panel thickness
  • 19 color options
  • Clapboard and bevel-edge dutch lap profiles in 4’’ and 5’’ widths
  • Natural grain pattern
  • Low-gloss for authentic, look-of-paint finish
  • Advanced SecureLock double staggered nail hem
  • Rolled nail hem


Featuring both traditional clapboard and bevel-edge dutch lap profiles, Odyssey’s line of vinyl siding gives you the freedom to select an exterior that best fits your design needs. Each profile is available in 4’’ and 5’’ panels to ensure durability, and features a natural grain pattern and low-gloss look for a genuine, look-of-paint finish that breathes character into your home.


A .44’’-thick panel and advanced lock design maintains the integrity of your home’s exterior. Even in extreme weather conditions, the weather-resistant seal and SecureLock double staggered nail system helps resist warping and keep panels tight to the walls. With Odyssey Siding, your exterior can endure for years.

Odyssey Color Schemes

Bring your dream home to life with Odyssey’s wide range of color schemes. The 19 different color schemes come with weather-resistant formulas to help your home’s exterior and performs in all conditions and look fresh year-round.

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